Fully Automated Random Access Clinical Chemistry Analyzer with a throughput of 200 tests/hr (photometric test) and 400 tests/hr with ISE (Na/K/Cl/Li). 30 Position Reagent Tray with On-board cooling, convenient software and extensive quality control menu.


  • Sample volume: 2-70 µl (in 0,2 µl step)
  • Reagent volume:  R1 50-300 µl (in 1 µl step), R2 10-200 µl (in 1 µl step)
  • Dispensing probe equipped with liquid -level sensor and crash detector
  • Auto-dilution of samples and calibrators


  • Minimum reaction volume: 180 µl
  • Reusable reaction cuvettes


  • Independent stirrers
  • 3 user selectable mixing speeds


  • 4 levels of control material can be used
  • Levey-Jennings graphs
  • Twin Plot diagrams for monitoring of systematic and random error


  • 45 reusable hard glass cuvettes
  • Possibility of replacement of individual cuvette
  • Wash station – cuvette rinsing and drying  in 8 steps
  • Automatic cuvette blank measurement before analysis
  • Reaction temperature 37°C ± 0,2°C


  • 39 positions for samples, blanks, standards, calibrators, controls and ISE solutions
  • Primary tubes 5, 7 and 10 ml, vacuum system tubes and cups
  • STAT sample with priority in any position
  • Possibility of programming up to 99 virtual trays


  • 50 positions, 20 ml, 50 ml reagent containers, 5 ml tube with adaptor)
  • Reagent compartment with Peltier/air cooler (8-12°C)
  • Option to use one reagent for several tests simultaneously


  • Convenient user interface
  • Connection to LIS
  • Statistical methods of processing results
  • Data export in selected format


  • Color indication of sample analysis
  • Possibility of monitoring the reaction in real time
  • Reagent volume monitoring
  • Informative reports on ongoing analyzer status
Biochemistry analyzers XL200

 Introducing our cutting-edge, fully automated and highly advanced random access clinical chemistry analyzer! With a staggering throughput of 200 tests per hour for photometric tests and 400 tests per hour for ISE (Na/K/Cl/Li) tests, our analyzer is designed to deliver fast, precise, and efficient results.

Our analyzer boasts a top-of-the-line 30-position reagent tray with onboard cooling, enabling a broad range of reagents to be stored and quickly accessible during analysis. Additionally, our sophisticated software and vast quality control menu guarantee results that are not only accurate but also dependable.

When it comes to dispensing samples and reagents, our analyzer is designed to deliver unparalleled precision and efficiency. The dispensing probe is equipped with a liquid-level sensor and crash detector, ensuring no mishaps occur during the analysis process. Sample volume ranges from 2-70 µl (in 0.2 µl step), while reagent volume ranges from R1 50-300 µl (in 1 µl step) to R2 10-200 µl (in 1 µl step). Moreover, our analyzer features auto-dilution of samples and calibrators, minimizing waste and saving on costs.

Our analyzer is not only efficient but also economically viable. The minimum reaction volume is a mere 180 µl, and the reaction cuvettes are reusable, cutting down on expenses. Our independent stirrers and 3 user-selectable mixing speeds ensure optimal mixing during the analysis process.

Quality control is critical, and our analyzer offers an array of features to ensure it. Four levels of control material can be used, and Levey-Jennings graphs and Twin Plot diagrams are available to monitor systematic and random errors.

Our analyzer's reaction unit features 45 reusable hard glass cuvettes, with the option of replacing individual cuvettes. A wash station is available for cuvette rinsing and drying in 8 steps, and an automatic cuvette blank measurement is taken before analysis. The reaction temperature is maintained precisely at 37°C ± 0.2°C.

Our sample tray accommodates 39 positions for samples, blanks, standards, calibrators, controls, and ISE solutions. The analyzer supports primary tubes of 5, 7, and 10 ml, vacuum system tubes, and cups, with STAT samples having priority in any position. The analyzer also permits programming up to 99 virtual trays.

Our reagent tray offers 50 positions with 20 ml and 50 ml reagent containers, as well as 5 ml tubes with an adaptor. The reagent compartment is equipped with a Peltier/air cooler (8-12°C), and one reagent can be used for several tests simultaneously, maximizing efficiency.

Our analyzer's software is user-friendly, with a convenient user interface and connection to LIS. Statistical methods of processing results are available, and data export is possible in a selected format.

Finally, our analyzer provides measurement monitoring with a color indication of sample analysis, the possibility of monitoring the reaction in real-time, and reagent volume monitoring. Informative reports on the ongoing analyzer status are also available.

In conclusion, our fully automated random-access clinical chemistry analyzer offers a comprehensive and unparalleled solution for accurate and efficient clinical chemistry analysis