Technical Specifications

Mode Type:

Whole Blood, Predilute, Capillary

Total Parameters:

24 Parameters including Mentzer index and RDWI, CBC: WBC, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-CV, RDW-SD, PLT, MPV, PCT, PDW-CV, PDW-SD, P-LCR, P-LCC. 3 Part Diff: Lymph % & #, Mid % & #, Gran% & #

Principle of measurement:

RBC/ PLT/ WBC/ DIFF: Electrical Impedance

Hb: Cyanide Free Colorimetry

MCV: Measured

HCT: Calculated



Sample Volume:

Whole Blood: 9 µL

Pre- diluted: 20 µL

Capillary: 20 µL

Linearity Range:

WBC : 0 - 300 (x 103/µL)

RBC: 0.00 - 8.50 (x 106/µL)

Hb : 0 - 25.0 (g/dL)

HCT : 0 - 67 (%)

PLT : 0 - 3000 (x 103/µL)


ELite H Cal

Tri-level Controls:

Elite H3 CON L, N, H

Open Vial Stability at 2-8˚C:

16 Days


60 Tests/Hr

Sample Bar Code Reader:

For reading sample bar codes

Quality Control:

500 files with L-J graph

X-Bar Analysis

Data Storage:

50,000 Results with Graphs

Dimension (mm):





Erba H 360 Dil

Erba H 360 Lyse

Elite H Clean


4 USB ports (For connecting external devices including external printer) + 1 LAN Port (HL 7, TCP/IP; LIS connectivity)

Operating Environment Temperature:




Power Requirement:

A.C.100-240V with built-in voltage stabiliser

50/60Hz, 200VA


The H 360 cell counter machine is a highly advanced and efficient diagnostic tool that is designed to provide accurate and reliable results for a range of whole blood, predilute, and capillary samples. Equipped with a range of 24 parameters, including Mentzer index and RDWI, this machine is capable of providing comprehensive CBC analysis, including WBC, HGB, HCT,  MCH,  RDW-CV, MCHC, RDW-SD, PLT, MPV, PCT, MCV PDW-CV, PDW-SD, P-LCR,  RBC, P-LCC.

The principle of measurement for RBC/ PLT/ WBC/ DIFF is based on Electrical Impedance, while Hb is measured through Cyanide Free Colorimetry. The MCV is measured, while HCT is calculated. The machine also includes 3 histograms (WBC/RBC/PLT) and has a linearity range of WBC: 0 - 300 (x 103/µL), RBC: 0.00 - 8.50 (x 106/µL), Hb: 0 - 25.0 (g/dL), HCT: 0 - 67 (%), and PLT: 0 - 3000 (x 103/µL). The Elite H Calibrator and Elite H3 CON L, N, H tri-level controls provide reliable results.

The H 360 cell counter machine is designed to be user-friendly, with a sample volume of Whole Blood: 9 µL, Pre-diluted: 20 µL, and Capillary: 20 µL. The machine also comes with a sample bar code reader for easy identification and a data storage capacity of up to 50,000 results with graphs. With a throughput of 60 tests/hour, the H 360 cell counter machine is ideal for high-volume diagnostic environments.

The H 360 cell counter machine is equipped with 4 USB ports for connecting external devices, including an external printer, and 1 LAN port for HL 7, TCP/IP, and LIS connectivity. It has a quality control of 500 files with L-J graph and X-Bar Analysis, as well as reagents such as Erba H 360 Dil, Erba H 360 Lyse, and Elite H Clean.


With a dimension of 364x477x417 mm and a weight of 25 Kg, the H 360 cell counter machine is designed for easy integration into any laboratory environment. It operates within a temperature range of 15-40˚C and a humidity range of 30-90%. It also has a power requirement of A.C.100-240V with a built-in voltage stabilizer, 50/60Hz, 200VA.

Overall, the H 360 cell counter machine is an excellent diagnostic tool for laboratories looking for accurate, reliable, and user-friendly cell counting and analysis. With its advanced features, comprehensive parameters, and easy connectivity, it is an ideal choice for diagnostic labs of all sizes.