Technical Specifications

Product Name Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
Brand Erba
Model Chem- 5v3
No of Test Parameters 150, Open user programmable
Assay ModesSample Blank Non-Linear, Absorbance and Coagulation 10 Assay modes: 1 point Linear, 2 point Linear, 1 point Non-Linear, 2 points Non-linear, Rate a Linear, Rate a Non-Linear, 1 point Sample Blank Linear, 1-Point
Photometric Range 0-3.0A. Photometric resolution up to 0.001
Measurement Modes  Monochromatic / Bichromatic
Flowcell Temperature 25 ° C, 30 ° C, 37 ° C ± 0.1 ° C by Peltier control
Type of Cuvettes Unique triple cuvette system (Flow cell, Polystyrene manual cuvette, Round Glass Tube with an adapter for Coagulation and Elisa tests)
Flow cell volume 33 µl
Aspiration volume 350 – 999 µl (user-programmable) using a peristaltic pump
Wavelengths 340, 405, 505, 546, 578, 630 nm
Display 240 x 64 Graphic LCD display
Printer Inbuilt Thermal Printer
Interface port USB B type port for the host computer and USB A-type port for External USB DeskJet Printer. External PC / AT keyboard.
Memory Storage 150 QC curves and Calibration Curves and 1000 Test Results
Calibration Curves Cubic Spline, Point to Point
Daily Quality Control Two levels of control / 5 assays each for all tests
Monthly Quality Control Two levels of control for each test for the last 31 days, Levy – Jenning graph
Power Supply External 18VDC Universal SMPS Adapter
Dimensions Approx 172 (H) X 445 (W) X 312 (D) mm
Weight Approx 5 kg
Chem 5v3

The Erba Chem-5v3 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is a reliable and accurate solution for clinical chemistry testing. With 150 open-user programmable test parameters and 10 assay modes, it offers flexible and customizable testing options. I. The analyzer also features a 240 x 64 graphic LCD display, an inbuilt thermal printer, and USB interface ports for easy connectivity to host computers and external printers. Daily and monthly quality control options ensure accurate and consistent results. The analyzer is compact and weighs approximately 5 kg, making it easy to integrate into any laboratory setting.

The Erba Chem-5v3 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is a highly reliable and versatile system that allows for the testing of up to 150 different parameters. It features a unique triple cuvette system that allows for different types of tests, including flow cell, polystyrene manual cuvette, round glass tube with an adapter for coagulation, and Elisa tests. The system has 10 assay modes and measurement modes and offers photometric resolution up to 0.001. It also has a 240 x 64 graphic LCD display and an inbuilt thermal printer, as well as USB ports for interfacing with a host computer or external printer. With daily and monthly quality control, as well as user-programmable assay modes, the Erba Chem-5v3 is an excellent choice for reliable and efficient clinical chemistry analysis.