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Erba H360 hematology analyzer

First of all don't know what is Erba? This brand name is very famous in medical industry. Erba supplies various types of medical machinery worldwide. One of Erba's products is the Erba H360 hematology analyzer

It is used to count blood cells at high speed with accuracy or precision.  Each individual blood cell was counted under a microscope by laboratory technicians in the 1950s.  It was very tiring and cumbersome and was the first to be replaced with a very basic hematology analyzer. It was made possible by engineer Wallace H. Coulter.  Early hematology analysts relied on Coulter's principle.  Later it evolved.

There are different bands of hematology analyzers.  Among them, Erba H360 hematology analyzer is one. Let us know in detail about this Erba band hematology analyzer.


Erba H360 Machine Description


A state of the art three part machine Erba H360 hematology analyzer.This is a machine that represents the latest generation of difference analyzers.  It is designed with advanced clinical parameters to ensure accurate and efficient clinical diagnosis.  It performs differential analysis of three components in a way that helps healthcare professionals obtain comprehensive blood cell data quickly and reliably.  The H360 is now an essential tool for modern medical laboratories and healthcare facilities.



Benefit of Erba H360 3 part CBC machine

Now let's know about some features of Erba H360 hematology analyzer:-


  •  H360 haematology analyzer reports parameters including RDWI which provides comprehensive blood cell information and is P-LCC,P-LCR, Mentzer index.


  •   It uses a cyanide free reagent to ensure test safety and accurate results.



  •  It is a testing process that is very fast and efficient with a throughput of 60 samples per hour.


  •  It has a large storage capacity of up to 50,000 samples.  which is easily accessible past records.


  •  The H360 Hematology Analyzer supports two-way interfacing and facilitates seamless data exchange with other systems.


  •  Its 10.4 inch large colour LCD touchscreen ensures easy and intuitive operation.

Some more information about Erba H360 hematology analyzer  3 part CBC machine

Here is some more information about Erba H360 hematology analyzer for your convenience:-


 √ Product Name :  VA

ba H360 3partCBC machine


 √ Model :  H360


 √ Brand : Erba


 √ Use or Application: Laboratory


 √ Parameter : Blood alcohol content


 √ Automation : Fully automated


 √ User Input : Touch


 √ Number : GRA


 √ Display : Digital


 √ Frequency : 50-60Hz


 √ Temperature : 15-35 degree Celsius 


 √ Weight : 25 kg


 √ Humidity : 40-90%


 √ Sample volume : whole blood, 9pl pre-diluted, 20pl capillary, 20pl


 √ Throughput : 60 hours 


 √ Power

 Requirements: 50/60Hz,200VA


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