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Boditech POCT Analyzer in Bangladesh

Boditech Med Inc. is a South Korean medical company specializing in producing in-vito diagnostics (IVD) products. The founders established this company in 1998, and they are well-known for developing and manufacturing many IVD products, including POCT analyzers for hospitals and 



Boditech Product Range in Bangladesh


Boditech offers an extensive product range, including reagents, analyzers, and other IVD products. They design their products to be easy to use, delivering reliable results and helping healthcare workers give patients an accurate diagnosis and quick treatment. 


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Top Boditech Machines:


Boditech provides compact machines that are portable and easy to use. Here is a list of some of their top devices:


  • ichroma-50. 

  • ichroma II. 

  • ichroma III. 

  • ichroma M2. 

  • ichroma M3.

  • hemochroma PLUS.

  • AFIAS-1

  • AFIAS-6


Types of Boditech POCT Analyzers:


An automated immunoassay analyzer is the Boditech POCT Analyzer we carry on our website. We have two models available here. They are:



Advantages of Using Boditech POCT Analyzer in a Diagnostic Setting


Boditech POCT Analyzers are essential devices for hospitals, labs, and clinics. Here are some key benefits:


  • Quick test results: Boditech products give quick test results. It is essential in case of emergencies where a patient needs immediate treatment.


  • Better patient care: the quick test result of this product allows the healthcare worker to give their patient a faster diagnosis and treatment. It plays an essential role in case of emergencies.


  • Decreased processing time: Boditech POCT Analyzers remove the time needed to get results from a lab. It speeds up the diagnosis process for the patient.


  • Increase efficiency: This machine ultimately reduces the waiting time for lab results. It allows the healthcare worker to focus better on the patient.


  • Reduces costs: by using Boditech POCT Analyzer, you can reduce the costs of running samples in a lab and other lab costs.


  • User-Friendly: these devices are easy to use, so that a healthcare worker will need little training. Boditech products are also portable.


  • Real-Time Results: the patient receives their test result on the spot.


Boditech Customer Satisfaction


Boditech believes it is essential to listen to the customer. They carefully analyze the customers, market, and sales activities to satisfy customer needs and give them an accurate solution.  


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